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An Excellent Courier Service for Your Parcels in Fremont, CA

Whether you have to send daily parcels to someone or you wish to hire a courier service for a one-time shipment, well-trained professionals are the ideal resource for your business. They can usually handle valuable and sensitive packages with the right degree of professionalism, reliability, and attention. It is what you can expect from Lab Carriers. We deliver packages with care and speed and provide courier & delivery services throughout the Fremont, CA vicinity. Here is the information you need.

The Services You Can Book:

Medical Equipment & Medical Sample Delivery

Medical Equipment & Medical Sample Delivery
Our company specializes in medical delivery services. We transport and deliver crucial medical equipment, medical samples & specimens, surgical tools & supplies, bloodwork, orthopedic implants, and various products from point A to point B in the most professional fashion. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring same-day, last-minute, or on-schedule deliveries.

Aircraft & Auto Parts

Aircraft & Auto Parts
You can count on our courier professionals to transport a wide range of spare parts for the aircraft and automobile industries. We deliver them fast when a crucial aircraft part is needed for a grounded aircraft. We can also drop the necessary auto parts ASAP to keep your manufacturing processes and business moving.


Feel free to turn to our qualified staff to deliver frozen fruits & vegetables, frozen meats, sausages, and other foods. Shipping such perishable products is a challenging and arduous process, but we have the necessary, highly advanced refrigerated trucks to store them to keep them from spoiling during transit.

Refrigerated Transportation

Refrigerated Transportation
We provide specialized refrigerated trucks and equipment to transport for time-sensitive, expedient logistics. Our company maintains a fleet of refrigerated vehicles that keep the ideal temperature inside the truck, even in the summer heat. It is how we can deliver fresh products, plants, and foods and protect them from bad weather and contaminants.

Refrigerated Truck Delivery

Refrigerated Truck Delivery
Our service ensures the safe and reliable transport of equipment that hauls temperature-sensitive goods. With our fleet of well-kept trucks, equipped with advanced systems and tools, we efficiently transport the products to the desired location. Our experienced team and stringent protocols ensure that clients’ projects are handled with care and that their satisfaction with the outcome is guaranteed. Trust us and enjoy the results!

Storage Services

Storage Services
Our professional staff will be glad to assist you with our warehousing & storage services, as well. Our convenient warehouses are at your disposal to store your cargo 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year. It is how you can protect your computers, heavy machinery, and shipments of any size from spoiling and contamination.
Why Hire Our Company?

Do you need a reliable and trustworthy medical courier? Contact our experienced specialists without hesitation! We deliver any package regardless of its weight, size, or destination. We proudly serve individuals, companies, Charity organizations, and other types of clients. Trust us for your delivery needs, specialized courier services, or scheduled deliveries.

How Do We Work?

Our dependable couriers provide local service to customers who need immediate attention. As your trusted service provider, we offer a wide range of solutions to your delivery needs. Following the relevant safety guidelines, our technicians will take your call and ask you a few basic questions. Then, we will plan your shipment and let you know the day and time of the pickup and delivery to the recipient.

Areas We Cover

In addition to our company’s base location, we can now also serve the following areas:

  • Fairview, CA
  • Moraga Town, CA
  • Hillsborough Town, CA
  • Piedmont, CA
  • Los Altos Hills Town, CA

For professional courier service, contact Lab Carriers. Talk to one of the most reputable companies in Fremont, CA that won’t let you down. To find out more, contact us today.

Client’s Testimonial

by Rick Anderson on Lab Carriers
Supply chain Manager

Pricing is very Reasanable and Quality of Service has Impressed Us.

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